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Attending any event or exhibition as a company is an activity that should be taken seriously. In most cases a significant sum of money will already have changed hands just to get secure the right to be there. Then there are transport costs, promotional materials, and staff time. The potential rewards are excellent- exposure to completely new customers and the chance to engage with a sector of the public who are interested in what is on offer, but in order to get those rewards a company stall will need to stand out from the crowd. A lot of similar businesses will be there competing for the public's attention.

The most effective exhibition stands are clean, bright, and well set out. It's best to source them as sets from exhibition suppliers who can provide everything that is required and to a high standard. A cheap card table and some printed posters won't cut it- the stall space is (for a day or two) the public face of a company, and a shabby one can do just as much damage to a corporate image as an outstanding one can do good.

Always set out exhibition stands to draw potential viewers into the space. Don't block entry paths or lines of sight leading into the area. Cluttered or crowded stalls will push browsing customers away. Ideally there should be enough open space for a few people to stand and something to keep them there- information, pictures, a video display. As any exhibition suppliers will tell you, crowds form around anyone who looks like they have stopped to look at something, so it's essential to give passers-by something to look at.

Making exhibition stands visible from a distance can also be a challenge in a space packed with competing stalls. For best effect use a bright, colourful drop banner on each side of the stall, or go for a more unorthodox design rather than hiring a simple marquee like everyone else. The graphics should display a company logo if it is easily recognisable, or an image that tells potentially interested people what the stand is all about. Simple things like a bunch of floating balloons can help make it easier to find and more visually attractive.

Like any shop space, an exhibition stand should be kept tidy at all times. Messy tables look less attractive and present an unprofessional image to the public. Make sure staff are aware of the importance of neatness and that papers and leaflets are properly looked after. Browsers are much more likely to take an interest in neatly stacked promotional materials than in those dumped in a messy pile.

There is a huge range of stands available in styles from the casual to the classic, from the simplest and most minimalist to the ultra modern and downright funky. Choose a look and feel that best suits the company image and make sure banners and other advertising materials look good with that style and colour. With a little care and attention, it's not difficult to arrange an outstanding exhibition display.

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Setting out effective exhibition stands

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This article was published on 2010/10/25