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Start time: 2009-12-25 End time: 2009-12-27 Venue: Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center
Contact: Li 9? Contact Phone: 0574-86995281 Sponsored by: Association of Zhejiang style
Sponsor: Exhibition Co., Ltd. Ningbo, China and Angola
market, creating market opportunities for the background to create brand strength
2015, Global will enter the "leisure time", entertainment industry will be a wave sweeping the world economy. For our country, the face of the coming era of leisure and entertainment in the traditional sense Travel The image of the city's overall development and defines a higher demand. With China's sustained rapid economic development and social progress, people's living standards, living conditions and quality of life greatly improved the concept of life has undergone great changes. Entertainment, travel, sports Fitness , Outdoor sports has become an important part of people's lives. China has become the world's entertainment industry superpower, the third largest consumer country. Large consumer market and the customer base for the organization of high-quality development of leisure and entertainment industry has laid a solid foundation!

Chinese entertainment industry to promote rapid and sound development, leisure and entertainment to promote the manufacturing enterprise in China onto the world stage, and Angola, Ningbo Ningbo City Exhibition Co., Ltd. received strong support and co-powerful organization, adhering to the "International , professional, branded "exhibition of the model, held a grand" 2009 China Ningbo International Entertainment, Leisure Industry Exposition "Expo booth 1000 by default, an exhibition area of 200.00 square meters, will invite visitors to be 320, 00 people. Expo will be excellent service for enterprises to expand markets, create opportunities for technology exchange.

Expo venue?? Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, is a famous national tourist city, the state planned economy to a separate city, Zhejiang is the most developed private economy in China, most dynamic, most SMEs are many products made in the most complete, the largest province in general trade exports. As an important foreign trade port and one of the first open city, Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, export-oriented economy is the most developed city in Zhejiang Province to attract foreign investment, international trade and international economic Cooperation Business center.

strong publicity efforts to promote effective protection of exhibitors
Expo will be at home and abroad magazines, Web sites, as well as Newspaper , Trade magazines, television, radio and other mass media, advertising, publishing news; and long-term release of outdoor advertising, sign advertising.

powerful industry associations through member visits.
massive use of contractors to mail invitations to 200,000 copies of the database, send electronic invitations 500,000 copies.

Dynamic Assembly from time to time the production of exhibits and exhibitors with the "pre-show News" and "Show Report", by 100,000 database resources system, by mail to the hands of professional buyers.

full use of the advantages of Ningbo city, to innovation, we invite the East, while the professional buyers and key invited international procurement, tours;

and foreign-related institutions, associations, foreign business sectors to foreign buyers to attend the meeting organized by the exchange visit.

schedule 1.2009 on December 23 to 24 vendors exhibit admission.
2.2009 on December 25 to 27 businessmen admission negotiations, purchase orders.
3.2009 in at 2:00 p.m. on the December 27 when the dismantling.
Exhibition address Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center (China Zhejiang Exhibition Road, Jiangdong District Ningbo, No. 181)

Of Ningbo International Conference Exhibition Center in Ningbo city government investment in the construction of large modern exhibition venue, located in the scenic New River of Ningbo, located in six districts of Ningbo City, the central, most important building in the eastern Metro banner, with the central business district, municipal office areas, residential areas and other important block neighborhood is the heart of Ningbo International Trade Platform architecture.
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Ningbo, China, Health And Recreation And Leisure Fair People - Recreation, Exhibition - Sports And

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