2010 World Of Concrete Exhibition In Mexico

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2010 World of Concrete exhibition in Mexico

Exhibition Time: June 16, 2010 -18 days

Venue: Mexico City, Banamex center Convention and Exhibition Center Exhibition Unit: U.S. Haleiwude Fairs

Exhibition Frequency: Annual Show description: From world-renowned brands Show - Las Vegas "World of Concrete Exposition (Worldof Concrete)" of the sponsor - the United States Hanley Wood Company and the United States jointly sponsored Claus "World of Concrete Expo in Mexico ( World ofConcrete, Mexico) "has been successfully held five. The Concrete Industry Association Show by Mexico, the Mexican construction industry associations and the Mexican National Housing Association, and other important organizations. In recent years, Mexico's new Government's development strategy and investment policies to the domestic construction market is very active, construction machinery and materials market size and imports increased year by year. "The World of Concrete Expo" exhibition settled in Mexico, this brand is to meet the market demand as for the construction market in Mexico and Latin America, an important trading place. After several years of development, the show has become the most important Latin American market, concrete equipment, technology and product exhibition! June 2010 World of Concrete exhibition in Mexico will continue to organize in Mexico.

Last review: 2009 Total from around the world total more than 200 exhibitors, attracted more than 9,000 visitors, with a total exhibition area of 14,000 square meters. Exhibit content: concrete mixer truck, pump, pump all kinds of products: Commodity mortar, concrete block products, concrete, paint concrete block, brick and tile production machinery, mixing machinery, sand separator, mixing, batching stations, control systems, pumping machinery, fabric machinery, injection machine, pouring equipment, measurement equipment, vibration equipment, cutting, welding, steel processing machinery such as winding wire, scaffolding and other construction machinery and equipment, dry mortar production equipment and control systems Admixtures: All kinds of additives, plus materials, additives production technology and equipment inspection, testing instruments: analysis, measurement and testing equipment, test reagents and materials for surface protection equipment: waterproofing, repair, adhesive sealing, maintenance and other technical other related equipment, other construction equipment Rezhao Show: 1,2011 in Italy Biennial International Construction Machinery Construction Machinery BAUMEC2011 (2011 3 months) 2,2009 of the third Sudan Industry Exhibition (2009) 3,2010 in Ukraine International Construction Equipment Construction Machinery and Technology Exhibition BUILD TECHMACH2010 (2009 4 months) 4, Russian Siberia, International Construction Machinery and Earthmoving Equipment Mining Equipment Exhibition (April 2010) 5,2010 Russia in the 14th International Mining and Engineering Machinery Exhibition (April 2010) 6,2009 at the eighth international construction and building materials industry in Paris, equipment machinery and technology exhibition INTERMAT2009 (2009 4 20 Day? 25) 7, the 9th International Energy and Russia's Novosibirsk Mineral Resources Processing Equipment Exhibition (April 2010) 8,2011 in Argentina 8th International Mining Exhibition Arminera2011 (2011 4 months) 9,2010 years of the 27th International Mine Equipment in Canada Canada's International Mining Exhibition and Conference (2010 in May) 10,2010 in the 41st Australian International Machinery Manufacturing Week NationalManufacturing Week (2010 5 months) 11,2009 in Brazil International Engineering Machinery & Mining Machinery Exhibition M & T EXPO2009 (2009 6 2 -6 Japan) 12,2010 Moscow International Building and Construction Machinery Exhibition CTT 2010 (2010 6 months) 13,2011 in Chile Mining Machinery & Equipment Exhibition (June 2011) 14,2009, Japan International construction equipment and construction machinery Show CONET 2009 (2009 6 25 -28 days) 15,2009 Middle East Oman International construction equipment and construction machinery exhibition HME 2009 (2009 8 4 -6 days) 16,2009 33 of the International Congress of the European Belgium Construction Equipment Construction Machinery Exhibition (September 2, 2009 -6 days) 17,2009 Australian International Mine Mining machinery and equipment and energy development M & E 2009 (2009 9 22 - 24) 18,2009 years 29th International Mining Congress and South America, Peru, mining equipment exhibition (September 14, 2009 -18 days) 19,2009 in Russia International exhibition of construction equipment vehicles, construction machinery ConExpo2009 (2009 9 15 -18 days) 20 , 2009, the 15th session of Kazakhstan's International Mining and Construction Machinery Exhibition
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2010 World Of Concrete Exhibition In Mexico

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